BEBU Creative - What's it all about?

In 2013, we started a creative company with the goal of just being approachable & honest people that produce high-quality, impactful work. But above all, we wanted to cut the BS and make sure that our work was able to provide tangible results for clients.

The stuff we do:

Graphic Design


Video & Animation



Social Media

 Website design

 Product design


Cups of Coffee made this month


We’re a collective of friendly folks, who are all a bit kooky but creatively driven, lots of us work remotely so we’re actually based all over the world. Our main office is in Nottingham UK, the hometown of a chap called Jamie Burton who started the business (he’s based there).

Collectively we’ve got quite the talent pool ranging from graphic designers to artists to 3D animators to film directors and lots more.


Revenue our work has generated this year

Talking about the company, Jamie says – “I started BEBU because I wanted to provide an honest and straightforward service that produced high-end visual work. It’s a competitive world, for us and our clients, so the only way to progress was to make the most impactful work possible that is designed to stand the test of time.”


Projects we're currently working on

“We’ve helped our clients grow, and that helps us grow too. When it comes down to it, we’re all about great customer experiences and building relationships on that foundation.”

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