BEBU Creative

A producer of Design and Motion. We use the tools of Graphic Design, Animation & Video to solve communication problems for our clients. We do this using our unique process, that has been proven to work time after time.

Creative Without Limitations

Our strength is in our team’s pool of talent. It enables us to use the right creative strengths for the job at hand. So that flexibility means we able to scale up or down as needed and keeps us well-placed to help brands solve creative problems.

What client say about us…

Nottingham University - Brighten Up Campaign

“thanks for your JDI attitude, responsiveness and creative skills – in one session you did exactly what my client wanted in terms of time and a move away from what he considered to be a jaded brand into something new, young and very artistic.”

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SV2 - £500K Lottery Funding Application Design

“I am pleased to say, that with your design and input into the document SV2 needed to create for a funding application, the agency has now secured just under £500,000 over the next 3 years.”

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Green Light Copywriting - Promotional Video Production

“The video that Bebu Creative made for me has had an amazing response. The entire process of planning, filming and finalising the video was enjoyable. Not only do you get loads of creative input and commercially savvy advice, but you also get the pleasure of working with thoroughly nice people! Thank you.”

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We take a practical, project-based approach to creative work. This ensures the outputs work, with a clear purpose and is the right fit for the audience.

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